Object Oriented Database Design and Systems Integration

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DB2DOM streamlines creation of HTML5 Internet applications requiring security, transactions, and scalability. The methods are accessible for all levels of programmer. The platform is enterprise grade Java. DB2DOM is a turn key development department for enterprise software.

Who Needs Us:
Our software architecture delivers on promises to out perform competing solutions. For firms wanting some freedom to cost effectively and quickly change complex enterprise software, DB2DOM is a turn key privacy certified enterprise Java architecture. A key insight into the platform's effectiveness is how it leverages RDBMS model metadata to automate database queries and providing a J2E like pattern for data lookup with middle ware memory caching. The elegance of the design even surprised us at 60KB. The platform was distilled by seasoned US information systems builder, John Dale.

Security - Privacy Certified Encryption

Web 3.0 - Freedom, Privacy, Efficient

Scalability - Quickly, Cost Effectively
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